A Simple Plan to Make Bible Reading Come Alive

According to the Center for Bible Engagement, the number one reason people give for not reading the Bible is they are “too busy.”


Others admit the real problem is they have not made staying in God’s Word a priority in their lives.

A few more excuses include “being unsure where to start and difficulty understanding biblical passages.”

So how do we overcome these obstacles? How can we change our attitude so we can’t wait to jump out of bed each morning and grab our Bible?

I’ve tried different study methods over the years, and my favorite plan for devotional Bible reading involves asking two questions as you read.

Here’s the first question.

What does the passage say about God?

When you read Scripture, notice how God is described. It’s a wonderful method to learn who he is and what he does.

For example, Psalm 99 tells us he is holy, mighty, just, forgiving, answers our prayers, reigns, communicates, his name is great and awesome, he is worthy of worship, loves justice, and has given us instruction. All of that in just nine verses!

Then jot these descriptions down. Create a running list of God’s attributes to go to when you’re discouraged or to use in personal prayer and worship.

Now, here’s the second question:

What does the passage say about the people?

The Bible is full of stories about folks just like us. Observe their actions and attitudes. Some make horrible mistakes and others glorify God by what they do.  We either want to follow their examples or run from them.

Here are few scenarios that come to mind.

Peter took his eyes off Jesus, looked at his circumstances, and got scared.

Mary irritated her sister by choosing to sit and listen to Jesus rather than help make dinner.

David had an affair, the woman got pregnant, so he took care of the problem by arranging for her husband to be killed (definitely not a good idea).

There you go. Two questions to ask. What does the passage say about God? What does it say about people?

A simple plan anyone can follow that will help you learn about God and how he wants us to live.

No more excuses.

Do you have a favorite method for Bible reading? Leave a comment and share it with the rest of us.

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